great for casseroles
great for vegetables
great for fish
great for curries
great for sides
Great for soups

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Green Lentils

Great for casseroles and salads.

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Sea Bass with Pesto Quinoa

Sea bass fillets sat on a bed of pine nut, pesto and baby plum tomato quinoa.

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Red Split Lentils

Brilliant in soups, curries and bakes.

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Roasted Vegetables, Halloumi & Green Lentils

A great dish to delight your friends.

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Vegetable Broth Mix

Pearl barley, yellow split peas, green split peas, blue peas, red split lentils and a variety of vegetables.

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Vegetarian Cottage Pie

A great twist to this wonderful classic - vegetables with red split lentils and pesto, topped with a creamy cheesey mash.

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