Totally tropical...

Tropical Carabao Mango

Tropical Carabao Mango - Perfectly ripened. One of the sweetest varieties in the world. Only dried when taste and texture are at their best!

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Tropical Island Pineapple

Mouth-watering. Perfectly ripened, chopped and dried gives you a tasty snack to transform you to the tropics!

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Paradise Banana Chips

Sweet and crisp with a taste of the tropics. Perfect for baking or simply eating!

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loaf cake, tin, banana, tea loaf

Banana Loaf Cake

Make your leftover bananas feel loved with this delicious banana loaf cake topped with crunchy banana chips – your guests will go bananas for it!

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Coconut & Lime Drizzle Cake

A tangy tropical twist to a classic drizzle cake... desiccated coconut with the juice and zest of lime - moist, zesty and delicious!

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cupcakes, pineapple, muffins

Pineapple Cupcakes

A taste of the tropics in a cupcake! Delicious, quick and easy... be transformed to a tropical island in the sun!

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Tropical Coconut

Only 96 Calories! Grab a taste of the tropics - a shot of apricots, sultanas, flaked coconut and brazil nuts.

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