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The best that nature has to offer ready for you to snack on... perfect healthy snacks suitable for the whole family!

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Bake with

Specially selected ingredients to ensure great bakes - our Juice Locked Raisins are small in size which ensures a nice even distribution throughout your recipe, we also add a little moisture to ensure they stay nice and juicy.

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mix 'n' bake

Delicious baking mixes which expertly combines natural ingredients with tasty indulgences. Simply stir into your baking mixture - whether you're making a cookie, brownie, flapjack or muffin - watch you bakes transform!

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Plump, juicy sun-dried raisins full of the good stuff! When Sunny is outside with his friends, they always have some raisins with them all ready to refuel!


100% YUMMY!
Sunny and his friends love being outside having fun, plump and juicy, just for kids and full of the good stuff!

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The good-natured little snack - healthier blends of fruits, nuts and/or seeds with a hint of indulgence - all under 100 Calories!

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