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Are Raisins A Nutritious Snack For Kids?

Raisins have always been known as a simple and convenient snack for a kids lunchbox. A small box of raisins that can fit in a small container and stored at room temperature is a mum’s dream for an easy snack option. However, with the increased media on sugar – particularly during the introduction of sugar tax, questions have been raised as to whether raisins are actually good for our kids? Therefore, in this article we address whether raisins are actually a nutritious snacks for kids.

What Are Raisins?

Raisins are dehydrated grapes and as water is removed, nutrients are concentrated.

Are Raisins High In Sugar?

Due to the dehydration process and thus the concentration of nutrients, the sugar levels in a raisin are a lot higher than expected. However, other nutrients are also concentrated and those are key for children’s growth and health.

Nutrients In Raisins That Are Key For Children’s Growth And Health

  1. Fibre

Raisins are known for having a high level of fibre (approximately there is 3.9g fibre in 100g of raisins). Fibre regulates the release of energy and can make you feel fuller for longer. If eaten as a snack throughout the day – it allows your kid to keep energy levels balanced and not get overly hungry– optimising education and activities. It can also regulate digestion and prevent constipation and illness.

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2. Vitamin B & Iron

Raisins are a great source of Vitamin B and Iron. Iron can prevent anaemia, dizziness and fatigue – helping your children stay active throughout the day. Vitamin B is essential for good health and well being – helping in many aspects such as eyesight, appetite, and energy levels – a fantastic vitamin for your kids.

3. Antioxidants

Raisins are a great source of antioxidants including phenol’s. These support heart health and cell activity. Having a good intake of these will support your immune system. In the current climate of Covid, keeping children’s immune systems strong is essential for them enjoying life, going to school and playing with friends and raisins support this.

4. Natural Sugars

We had to raise it. Are raisins full of the bad sugars we hear about every day? Technically no. Media advertised sugars that are highlighted as supporting the rise in obesity are processed, whereas the sugar in a raisin is fructose- a naturally occurring sugar. If you eat raisins extensively day in and day out without brushing your teeth regularly, then yes, they can contribute to dental decay and cavities. However lots of research has gone into this, and this article in particular highlights that there are actually no studies that support raisins being a significant cause of tooth cavities – not brushing your teeth is the main cause.

Are Raisins Good For Children?

Raisins overall are a really great way of getting loads of key nutrients into your child’s diet. Not only do they hold loads of key nutrients for your child’s growth, but they are convenient, tasty and easy to use as on the go or in a recipe!

Stir them through some nuts or fresh popcorn for a tasty after school treat (Good Food have a delicious recipe!), or simply have a Sunny carton in your bag for a little snack!    

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