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Packaging Responsibility

At Whitworths we carefully consider the impact on carbon emissions, packaging waste and food waste when specifying packaging solutions for our products. The primary concern is to select packaging that will protect and preserve the integrity, taste and texture of our products over time.  Food safety is of paramount importance, and with careful selection of packaging we can also help minimise food waste by optimising shelf life .  We also consider how consumers will use our products, either in one serving, or over a period of time. For multi serving occasions we’ll add a re-sealability, or reclose  option.

To distribute and merchandise our products we use corrugated cases. Upto 83% of the content of each case is made from recycled paper, the balance being sourced from ‘sustainable sources’.

We fully support the ‘Circular Economy Process’, whereby consumer packaging is manufactured from a mono material with the specific aim of it being collected either; kerbside, or at Retailer other designated recycling points. Once collected and processed this packaging is capable of being recycled into something else, rather than being landfilled, or incinerated.  We already use recycled plastic for ‘non-food’ contact applications such as our ‘Shots’ display trays. Not only does this help display our products, but provides an outlet for recycled material to be used, that once finished with can be recycled again.

We are actively working with our suppliers to develop ‘Recyclable Packaging’ solutions for all of our products. Our ambition is to commence the use of recyclable packaging from 2019, with full recyclability across all our branded products by the end of 2020.