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Nutritious Breakfasts You Can Create on A Budget

Evidence and opinion show that breakfast habits have evolved in recent years, with more consumers having hybrid working routines. People want quick, nutritious and simple breakfast creations that are cost effective, healthy, and easy to prep for a working week. Therefore, throughout the month of April we will be sharing some nutritious breakfasts that you can create on a budget, that will keep you full and give you energy to fuel your day, as well as being delicious!

Have Breakfast Habits Changed?

Susan Nash trade Comms Manager at Mondelez International believes breakfast habits have evolved over recent years, largely due to the pandemic, with shoppers switching from on-the-go purchases to stock up on bigger packs to eat at home. However, with consumers returning to commuting routines, on-the-go breakfasts and morning snacks “are in demand once again”. Another after-effect of the pandemic has been more people focusing on wellbeing. This, Nash maintains, has helped drive sales of healthier products.

Cost-of-living concerns could also drive sales of less-perishable fruit-based products that customers can consume at home – with yogurt or cereal, for instance – or as a snack on the go. “Shoppers understand that ambient goods not only offer good value and have longer shelf lives,” says Andrew Bradshaw, Sales Director Dole Sunshine.”

What’s Our Mission This Month?

Breakfast means ‘breaking the fast’ after you’ve been asleep, which means it’s important to start the day with nutrition and fuel. Breakfast can look different for everyone depending on your routines, daily activities and personal tastes, but making a sensible choice at all meals is important to support health and provide energy for daily activities. In this article, and across our online platforms this month we want to showcase simple, cost-effective breakfast options that can be prepared at home quickly and are bright, vibrant and delicious through the use of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses! 

Why Breakfast Is Important

Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for good reason. As previously mentioned, when you wake up from your overnight sleep, you may not have eaten for up to 10 hours. Breakfast is breaking this fast, as it replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health. Despite the benefits of breakfast for your health and well being, many people often skip it, for a variety of reasons. However, there are plenty of ways to make it easier to fit breakfast into your day.

Breakfasts That Can Be Prepped: ‘Grab-and-Go’ Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

Just like prepping your lunch ahead, meal prepping your breakfast can make your mornings go so much smoother and feel less stressful.

Here are some healthy breakfast meal prep ideas that will save you money, reduce your stress and help you to eat healthier.

Tips For Prepping Your Breakfast

Here are three simple steps to ensure you are prepping you breakfast, and lunch, well for when you’re in the office:

  1. Pick simple breakfast recipes to start with. For example, overnight oats will take just 10 minutes to prep and are an easy option to fit into your schedule.
  2. Many breakfast recipes are freezer-friendly, so make sure you consider some of these options. Meals such as breakfast burritos, and egg muffins are ideal. Putting in a weekly or monthly prep session will stock you up and set you up for success!
  3. Having the right containers to help keep your food fresh, and reheat it evenly is key – or your food won’t be enjoyable.

Working From Home Breakfast Ideas

Filling up on a nutritious breakfast will help combat mid-morning urges to snack whilst working from home. In this everchanging work climate, you may have a hybrid role, work from home full time or just work from home one-day a week. However, by removing you commute, these less rushed mornings allow for taking time over healthy, nutritious breakfast dishes.

Here are some delicious recipes that great to enjoy when working from home:

Breakfast Ideas to Try For Your Children

For children, eating breakfast has been positively associated with academic performance, as well as a decreased risk of obesity, so it’s important that a child’s day is kicked off with a healthy meal. To make things more fun and interesting, you don’t have to serve up traditional breakfast items, you can mix things up to include different foods and still provide the nutrients and energy kids need for the day. Here are some tasty, nutrient-packed suggestions:

  • Whole-grain cereal with semi-skimmed milk, topped with chopped fruit and/or nuts
  • Wholegrain waffles/crumpets/English muffin topped with peanut butter or ricotta cheese and dried or fresh fruit
  • A wholemeal pita filled with eggs (sliced hardboiled/scrambled) and fresh spinach and tomatoes
  • Porridge topped with nuts and fruit and sprinkled with cinnamon or some honey

How Do You Know You Are Having A Nutritious Breakfasts?

A balanced breakfast includes vegetables and/or fruits, wholegrains and protein packed foods.

Compared with people who don’t have breakfast, those who regularly eat breakfast tend to have a lower risk of both obesity and type 2 diabetes. There is also some evidence that people who don’t have breakfast may be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.,higher%20risk%20of%20cardiovascular%20disease

Finding Breakfast Recipes

Hopefully you have found or can find some inspiration for nutritious, cost-effective and tasty breakfasts to get you through the working week in this blog post!

Make sure you check out all of our socials and resources to stay up to date with new and exciting recipes!